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Sigmon & Sigmon, P.C. is your source for experienced legal counsel when you're going through a divorce, child custody, OR domestic violence. Serving Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Stroudsburg & Lehigh Valley, PA & surrounding areas.

When your family situation is changing, let Sigmon & Sigmon, P.C. take some of the stress out of the situation with attorney services you can count on. We take divorce & child custody very seriously. We at Sigmon & Sigmon P.C. strive to provide the fairest resolution for our client & any children involved.

Divorce & Family Law

Family & Divorce Law
Divorce, Alimony, Division of Money & Property, after Divorce

Representation For Family

When you come to us for family law services, we will do our best to achieve solutions that will benefit you & the children in your family.

Sigmon & Sigmon PC - Family Law

Keep Divorce Amiable

  • Do not trade nasty comments or verbally abuse each other.
  • Give information about your children, whether it is good or bad, to your spouse, so that both spouses are aware of what is going on.
  • Do not exchange accusatory e-mails, voice mails, or texts.
  • Leave all negotiations to the attorneys, who will communicate information back to the parties appropriately & calmly.

Help Through Divorce

  • Divorce
  • Alimony
  • Division of Money & Property
  • Division of Debt
  • Child Custody & Child Support
Sigmon & Sigmon PC - Divorce Law

Experienced Negotiators

What’s best for your children, now that you’re divorced or your family situation has changed, is the only thing that will be taken into account if you come to Sigmon & Sigmon, P.C. for legal representation. Child custody can present a difficult situation. We can help ensure the best results.

What's Right for Children

If you've undergone a divorce, let Sigmon & Sigmon, P.C. help you & your children through your difficult times.
Sigmon & Sigmon PC - Family Law

Help Children During Divorce

Your kids are impressionable. That is why we try to prevent situations where negative accusations are exchanged.

Families, especially children, suffer irreparable harm, when this happens. Children are never used, as leverage, by our firm against the other party

Domestic Violence - PFAs

Don't Be a Victim

If you've faced domestic violence, Sigmon & Sigmon, P.C. is here. We will help remove you from your dangerous situation. Be sure to call us today!

Sigmon & Sigmon PC - Family Law

Dangerous Situations

With safety in mind, we meet with you, as soon as possible. After you have contacted us about an abusive situation, even if you call in the evening or over a weekend we will act, in order to resolve matters quickly. Your children are our priority. When there are children involved in your domestic abuse case we focus on removing them from the situation, until matters are not as volatile.

Unpleasant Situations

If you are a victim of domestic violence & need an attorney who cares about your safety, Sigmon & Sigmon, P.C is here for you.

Sigmon & Sigmon PC - Divorce Law

Protection From Abuse

The first step taken to protect you from abuse is usually to apply for a protection from abuse order (PFA) from the court. In addition, we may advise battered women to get even more protection at a local women's shelter.

PFA orders help you

  • Requiring the abuser to stop abusing, stalking, threatening, & harassing
  • Evicting or excluding the abuser from the home
  • Keeping the address of the abused confidential
  • Granting Temporary custody of children & child & spousal support
  • Keeping the address of the abused confidential
  • Requiring the abuser to surrender weapons to the sheriff
  • Ordering the abuser to refrain from contact with the children or the abused person

PFAs can protect you

  • Spouses & Ex-Spouses
  • Unmarried couples who have lived together or had an intimate relationship
  • Domestic Violence - PFAs - Lehigh Valley, PA - parents & children
  • Persons related to the abuser by blood or marriage
  • Same sex couples

Defending the Falsely Accused
If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, it can ruin your reputation & cause career repercussions. When a PFA order is sought against you, we work hard to refute it at the PFA hearing. We want to make sure that access to the home & children is possible, but that may not be possible. All stipulations of the PFA order must be followed, until judgment is entered.

You will be advised NOT to do the following to make the process easier on ALL involved:
  • Visit the home
  • Send E-mails or text messages
  • Call the spouse's regular phone OR cell phone
  • Attempt to remove one's clothes or possessions from the home, unless agreed upon
  • Attempt to contact the spouse through family, neighbors, friends, or other third parties