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Defense against DUI charges

If you're facing DUI charges, turn to Sigmon & Sigmon, P.C. for competent legal counsel to guide your through your case. Serving Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Stroudsburg & Lehigh Valley, PA, & surrounding areas. Have you been caught or accused of driving while intoxicated? If so, the best time to call Sigmon & Sigmon, P.C. is right when you’re arrested, because if mistakes are going to be made, it will be during the arrest or in the early stages of investigation.

The best advice we can give you:

While your case is pending, do not discuss your case with anyone but us. We explain everything that is happening & what to expect.

    Defending yourself against DUI charges

  • Testing inaccuracies - Methods by which breath, urine, or blood tests were undertaken are examined to check for irregularities
  • Police mistakes - The police must show that when they pulled your car over they had a reason to do so, & that Miranda warnings were given
  • Incriminating statements made at the scene may not be admissible
  • Witness testimony - There may be individuals who can testify that you appeared to be, or were sober

Sigmon & Sigmon, P.C. - We are here for you.


You will have our support during the preliminary hearing & we will make sure you know everything you need to know about the case & your driver’s license status.

In Pennsylvania the 3-Levels of DUI are ranked according to the BAC level.

1.) General Impairment defined as .08 percent BAC up to .099 percent BAC

2.) High BAC includes .10 percent up to .159 percent BAC

3.) Highest BAC includes anything .16 percent or higher

In addition to the DUI charges, the driver’s license implications are h&led as a separate matter through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

There are other laws in Pennsylvania, which can be surprising to 1st time offenders & underage drivers.

One of these laws is the Zero Tolerance Law. This is a law that defines serious consequences for those under the legal drinking age of 21, who drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in their blood.

When Pennsylvania changed its DUI laws in 2004, it reduced the BAC from .08 percent to .02 percent for minors. Below are listed the 3-Levels of DUI, according to the BAC level. The 2-Upper Tiers are sometimes referred to as middle & high, even though they are high & highest.

DUI Laws & Penalties in Pennsylvania

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